TENS electrodes replacement pads for your TENS unit

Industry-Leading TENS Electrodes Pads

DONECO in order to provide better service to buyers, while we are working on TENS research, we are also working on the development and research of TENS products as a supporting product--patch. DONECO offers premium over the counter replacement tens unit pads for your TENS unit. They are versatile and work with most TENS units and connect to most lead wires for easy bring you painless life. Our reusable medical-grade TENS Electrodes Pads are non-irritating and latex-free to provide consumers with a secure and comfortable experience regardless of their skin type. We offer patches in a variety of shapes, including square, round, rectangle, and butterfly, so that they can be customized to the demands of customers utilizing the physiotherapy equipment on various body areas. DONECO is the go-to electrotherapy brand having established ourselves as the top replacement pads for tens unit on the market. Not only are you getting high-quality electrodes pads, but a name trusted by professionals for pain relief.

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