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Know the Best Electrode Pad in 5 Ways
October 06, 2016  |  Posted by Dr. Josephine Bitler

Know the Best Electrode Pad in 5 Ways

Nobody likes to deal with pain....but the pain sensation is naturally wired in our bodies as human beings.

We need it to prevent ourselves from getting into further danger. But there are cases when pain is better off managed or prevented. This is especially true if the pain is already getting in the way of our daily lives. In order to do this, people commonly resort to painkillers. In other cases, a more conservative approach is done to lessen or totally remove pain like TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation). In using TENS therapy to manage pain, choosing the right electrode pads is important. To ensure you’re picking the right electrode pads for your TENS treatment, look for DONECO® TENS unit electrode pads. TENS procedure makes use of an electronic device that emits electrical current to block off the nerves that carry pain signals to the brain. In this process, it is important that the current emitted by the device is transferred properly to the skin and nerves around painful area in our body. This will help make the treatment achieve its goal to prevent pain. Electrode pads play a role in the transfer of this electrical current to the painful area in our body. This is when the importance of DONECO® TENS unit electrode pads comes into play. Electrode pads from brands like DONECO® are commonly used with TENS machine in treating patients to help them achieve relief from pain. In choosing the right electrode pads to be used for your TENS treatment, it is important that you consider the following features:

Universal compatibility.

This means they can be used with practically any TENS unit. If you already have an existing TENS machine, there’s no need to worry about finding compatible electrode pads. DONECO® TENS unit electrodes are sure to work just fine with your TENS machine.

Ready to use.

DONECO® electrodes are absolutely ready to use. All you have to do is put them properly on the area of your body to be treated and carefully follow the instructions. They are already pre-gelled and ready to be placed on your skin to start your TENS treatment.

Long lasting.

DONECO® TENS unit electrode pads are designed to last a long time with proper care. In case they stop sticking well on your skin, you can try applying clean water on them to reactivate the adhesive substance.


DONECO® electrodes are latex-free. You don’t have to undergo any lab test for latex allergies before using them. They are guaranteed safe for use by practically anyone.

Strong Adhesion.

If you have to move from time to time while undergoing treatment, you can do so without worries. DONECO® TENS unit electrode pads stick well enough to ensure that the electrical current from your TENS machine reaches the proper nerves. This ensures efficiency and efficacy in your treatment.

Comes in various shapes and sizes.

DONECO® TENS unit electrode pads can go wherever the pain is. These electrode pads come in various shapes and sizes for use in different body parts. Whether it's your back, legs, arms, and knees, there’s always a right DONECO® electrode pad shape and size for you. Using different shapes and sizes of electrode pads is important to ensure the quality of your TENS treatment. This is because different areas of the body are shaped and sized differently. This naturally affects the way that electrode pads stick to your skin to deliver the current from your TENS unit. Once you have the right electrode pads like DONECO® TENS unit electrode pads to pair with your TENS machine, relief from pain will soon follow. You can start facing conditions like neck pain, lower back pain, joint pain due to arthritis, and many more without fears. DONECO® TENS unit electrodes boast of all the qualities you need to provide you with the smile and freedom from pain.