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Cooling electrode patches are more suitable for pain relief!
June 18, 2021  |  Posted by Dr. Eugen

Cooling electrode patches are more suitable for pain relief!

Cold physiotherapy electrode pad is suitable for cold pain therapy. The amount of water-soluble menthol and water-soluble lidocaine in the hydrogel was 1% and 4%. Menthol and lidocaine are added to the hydrogel formula, which can be used for the treatment of various acute and chronic local pain.

Customer: LOVE the cooling and size, fav so far!

These TENS electrode pads have surpassed my expectations so far. I've used the ones initially included with my Auvon unit and a few generic replacements, but these are easily the best. If you also enjoy menthol topicals, I'd highly recommend this product.

These are my opinions after using one set for three long sessions so far:

- Cooling actually works! Noticable after short duration, then lasts rest of session.
- Cooling effect also seems to prolong my relief after TENS session. Spouse is able to apply topical on otherwise incredibly sensitive SI joint area without the pain causing twitches.
- Large rectangular dimensions are more practical for widespread pain areas. Especially effective for back applications.
- Gel layer seems heartier than low quality generics I've tried. Revives well when quickly rinsed post use.
- Seamless use with Auvon unit.

Cooling electrode patches are more suitable!

I've enjoyed using the first pair of electrodes from this set and appreciate the company's honesty about the menthol eventually depleting but the pads still being reusable when maintained properly. I love the cooling sensation and would recommend these!